Avinent Hub, a home that houses talent

The new Avinent facilities combine innovation, talent, technological capacity and partnerships with strategic partners.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

On 1 March, Avinent opened the doors of its new facilities to the world.

The Avinent Hub is company’s the new facility, designed to harness both the human team as well as technological capacity, to innovate in solutions for the medical and dental sector.

The investment in the new building was in line with the company’s economic growth, in which it had become necessary to have a space that was adequate to house the current and future products.

A cutting-edge Hub

The facilities aim to imitate the Bages setting and to contemplate the spectacular view of the Montserrat mountain. This is obtained with an enormous window which takes in countryside and the sky.

Avinent Hub has open spaces on the inside, all in light colours in a Nordic style, which helps the concentration, inspiration and creativity of the workers and the visitors.

It is a place that encourages the idea of shared rooms, thus improving the interaction between people in order to let innovation flow.

Avinent Hub is without a doubt the ideal place to develop ideas and projects from the moment of their conceptualisation until their production and execution. Furthermore, in line with the group’s philosophy, the building has been classified as grade V, as it seeks to be sustainable, respectful of the environment and collaborate with local companies and products for its construction.

The Avinent Group project was borne out of excitement, like all good things. Now it is time to open these spectacular facilities, designed by the marvellous team that will fill them, and welcome collaborating institutions, universities, dental clinics, prosthetics laboratories, hospitals, and anyone else who wants to come!


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