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AVINENT® du a terme treballs d’investigació, relacionats amb la implantologia dental, que neixen de la seva col•laboració amb diversos centres universitaris i reconeguts científics de diferents disciplines. Aquests són alguns dels treballs que ha impulsat i dut a terme fins ara:

Development of a 3D Individualized Mask for Neonatal Non-Invasive Ventilation

Borràs-Novell C, Causapié MG, Murcia M, Djian D, García-Algar Ó.

Customized Titanium Mesh for Guided Bone Regeneration with Autologous Bone and Xenograft

Bertran Faus A, Cordero Bayo J, Velasco-Ortega E, Torrejon-Moya A, Fernández-Velilla F, García F, López-López J.

"Short Dental Implants (≤8.5 mm) versus Standard Dental Implants (≥10 mm): A One-Year Post-Loading Prospective Observational Study"

Pardo-Zamora G, Ortiz-Ruíz A, Camacho-Alonso F, Martínez-Marco J, Molina-González J, Piqué-Clusella N, Vicente-Hernández A

ffect of cementation and aging on the marginal fit of veneered and monolithic zirconia and metal-ceramic CAD-CAM crowns

Del Piñal M, Lopez-Suarez C, Bartolome JF, Volpato CA, Suarez MJ.

Erythritol-enriched powder and oral biofilm regrowth on dental implants: an in vitro study

Amate-Fernández P, Figueiredo R, Blanc V, Àlvarez G, León R, Valmaseda-Castellón E.

A 3D-Printed Model of a Titanium Custom-Made Talus for the Treatment of a Chronic Infection of the Ankle

Grau D, Matamala A, Bernaus M, Veloso M, Anglès F, Poggio D, Font-Vizcarra L.

Immediate implant placement in fresh alveolar sockets with a minimal split-thickness envelope flap. A randomised controlled clinical trial

Garcia-Sanchez, R., Mardas, N., Buti, J., Ortiz Ruiz, A.J. and Pardo Zamora, G.

Effect of Fabrication Technique on the Microgap of CAD/CAM Cobalt-Chrome and Zirconia Abutments on a Conical Connection Implant: An In Vitro Study

Molinero-Mourelle P, Cascos-Sanchez R, Yilmaz B, Lam WYH, Pow EHN, Del Río Highsmith J, Gómez-Polo M.

Effect of bone loss on the fracture resistance of narrow dental implants after implantoplasty. An in vitro study

Leitão-Almeida B, Camps-Font O, Correia A, Mir-Mari J, Figueiredo R, Valmaseda-Castellón E.

Physicochemical and Biological Characterization of Ti6Al4V Particles Obtained by Implantoplasty: An In Vitro Study. Part I

Toledano-Serrabona J, Gil FJ, Camps-Font O, Valmaseda-Castellón E, Gay-Escoda C, Sánchez-Garcés MÁ.

Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Ti6Al4V Particles Obtained by Implantoplasty: An In Vitro Study. Part II

Toledano-Serrabona J, Sánchez-Garcés MÁ, Gay-Escoda C, Valmaseda-Castellón E, Camps-Font O, Verdeguer P, Molmeneu M, Gil FJ.

Implantes subperiósticos personalizados para la rehabilitación completa del maxilar superior atrófico. Revisión de una serie clínica de 8 casos

Chamorro Pons Manuel, Arias Gallo Javier, Margarit Pérez Luis, Demaría Martínez Gastón, Cidad Vicario Ángel.

Effect of an Er,Cr:YSGG Laser on the Surface of Implants: A Descriptive Comparative Study of 3 Different Tips and Pulse Energies

Chegeni E, España-Tost A, Figueiredo R, Valmaseda-Castellón E, Arnabat-Domínguez J.

Effect of crown to implant ratio and implantoplasty on the fracture resistance of narrow dental implants with marginal bone loss: an in vitro study

Leitão-Almeida B, Camps-Font O, Correia A, Mir-Mari J, Figueiredo R, Valmaseda-Castellón E.

Effects of Drilling Protocol and Bone Density on the Stability of Implants According to Different Macrogeometries of the Implant Used: Results of an In Vitro Study

Pérez-Pevida E., Cherro R., Camps-Font O., Piqué N.

Influence of the Titanium Implant Surface Treatment on the Surface Roughness and Chemical Composition. Materials (Basel)

Nicolas-Silvente AI, Velasco-Ortega E, Ortiz-Garcia I, Monsalve-Guil L, Gil J, Jimenez-Guerra A.

Evaluation of Milled Titanium versus Laser Sintered Co-Cr Abutments on the Marginal Misfit in Internal Implant-Abutment Connection

Gonzalo E, Vizoso B, Lopez-Suarez C, Diaz P, Pelaez J, Suarez MJ.

CBCT and CAD-CAM technology to design a minimally invasive maxillary expander

Sánchez-Riofrío D, Viñas MJ, Ustrell-Torrent JM.

"Mandibular Angle Augmentation using Customized PEEK Implants and Guides Generated with 3D Planning and Printing: Case Studies"

Arcas A, Vendrell G, Cuesta F, Bermejo L, Piqué N

Accuracy of the implant replica positions on the complete edentulous additive manufactured cast.

Olea-Vielba M., Jareño-García D., Methani M.M., Martinez-Klemm I., Revilla-León M.

Fracture resistance after implantoplasty in three implant-abutment connection designs

Camps-Font O., González-Barnadas A., Mir-Mari, R Figueiredo J., Gay-Escoda C., Valmaseda-Castellón E.

Assessment of Dental Implants with Modified Calcium-Phosphate Surface in a Multicenter, Prospective, Non-Interventional Study: Results up to 50 Months of Follow-Up

Carles Subirà-Pifarré, Cristina Masuet-Aumatell, Carlos Rodado Alonso, Ricardo Medina Madrid and Cosimo Galletti.

Adhesion, integration and osteogenesis of human dental pulp stem cells on biomimetic implant surfaces combined with plasma derived products

Irastorza I, Luzuriaga J, Martinez-Conde R, Ibarretxe G, Unda F.

Precision and safety of Multilevel Cervical Transpedicular Screw Fixation with 3D Patient-Specific Guides; A Cadaveric Study.

Sallent A, Ramírez M, Catalá J, Rodríguez-Baeza A, Bagó J, de Albert M, Vélez R.

Mentoplasty with Customized Guides and Plates Using 3D Technology: a More Precise and Safer Technique

Arcas A, Vendrell G, Cuesta F, Bermejo L.

Advantages of performing mentoplasties with customized guides and plates generated with 3D planing and printing Advantages of performing mentoplasties with customized guides and plates generated with 3D planing and printing

Arcas A, Vendrell G, Cuesta F, Bermejo L.

Fatigue and microgap behaviour of a three-unit implant fixed dental prosthesis combining conventional and dynamic abutments

Rocha Ferreira J, Song N, Machado M, Machado L, Correia A, Reis A.

Relationship between resolution and accuracy of four intraoral scanners in complete-arch impressions

Medina-Sotomayor P, Pascual-Moscardó A, Camps I.

Functionalization of titanium implants with phase-transited lysozyme for gentle immobilization of antimicrobial lysozyme.

Diaz-Gomez L, Concheiro A, Alvarez-Lorenzo C.

Accuracy of four digital scanners according to scanning strategy in complete-arch impressions

Medina-Sotomayor P, Pascual-Moscardó A, Camps I.

Accuracy of 4 digital scanning systems on prepared teeth digitally isolated from a complete dental arch

Medina-Sotomayor P, Pascual-Moscardo A, Camps A I.

How 3D patient-specific instruments improve accuracy of pelvic bone tumour resection in a cadaveric study

A. Sallent, M. Vicente, M. M. Reverté, A. Lopez, A. Rodríguez-Baeza, M. Pérez-Domínguez, R. Velez

A clinical study assessing the influence of anodized titanium and zirconium dioxide abutments and peri-implant soft tissue thickness on the optical outcome of implant-supported lithium disilicate single crowns

Martínez-Rus F, Prieto M, Salido MP, Madrigal C, Özcan M, Pradíes G.

Dental implants after the use of bichat's buccal fat pad for the sealing of oro-antral communications. A case report and literature review

Galletti C, Cammaroto G, Galletti F, Camps-Font O, Gay-Escoda C, Bara-Casaus JJ.

SEM surface analyses of 120 sterile-packed implants

Duddeck D, Maghaireh H, Faber F and Neugebauer J.

Tissue-Engineered Oral Mucosa in jaw Reconstruction

Sieira Gil R, Pagés CM, Díez EG, Llames S, Fuertes AF, Vilagran JL.

Analysis of the misfit of dental implant-supported prostheses made with three manufacturing processes

Fernández M, Delgado L, Molmeneu M, García D, Rodríguez D.

Adhesion of dental porcelain to cast, milled, and laser-sintered cobalt-chromium alloys

Serra-Prat J, Cano-Batalla J, Cabratosa-Termes J, Figueras-Àlvarez O.

Invitro osteoinductive of human mesenchymal stem cells in biomimetic surface modif ti alloy implants

Santander S, Alcaine C, Lyahyai J, Pérez MA, Rodellar C, Doblaré M, Ochoa I.

Life prediction of different commercial dental implants as influence by uncertainties in their fatigue material properties and loading conditions

Pérez MA.

Stress transfer properties of different commercial dental implants: a finite element

Pérez MA, Prados-Frutos JC, Bea JA, Doblaré M.

Caracterización química y biológica de la superficie Biomimetic Advanced Surface

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