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At its latest commercial convention, Avinent reaffirms its commitment to innovation in oral and maxillofacial health

Avinent gathers the entire commercial team in a day where the new products and the business purpose will be reviewed.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

On September 12 and 13, the Avinent Group headquarters had the pleasure of hosting the entire national sales team with the aim of holding an internal conference to reaffirm the business purpose and present the exciting new product developments that will be launched in the short term in the medical and dental market.

Avinent brings together its comercial team

Avinent days are held periodically to improve interdepartmental connections, create unity and ensure that the entire team is heading to the same place, charting the same path.

A day with results

At the convention, they talked about reinforcing Avinent’s commitment to innovation and progress, reminding the team of the effort that is invested every day to lead the medical-dental industry. Its extensive catalog of solutions offers cutting-edge products that meet the changing needs of customers and the market in general. Always with the intention of promoting excellence in every step they take.

Details were also shared about the latest in product development that will soon be available to Avinent customers. These new solutions promise to significantly improve the patient experience, enabling more effective and efficient treatments in various areas.

Albert Giralt, CEO of Avinent, expressed his enthusiasm for the future of Avinent and thanked the commercial team for their daily dedication.

Let us not forget that our goals has always been a happier society thanks to improving the quality of life and well-being of those people affected by patologies in dental, oral and maxillofacial field

Albert Giralt, CEO Avinent

The international company is sure that these developments will further strengthen its position in the market and allow clients to improve the quality of their treatments.

Avinent’s commitment is firm and unwavering: To offer solutions that benefit its clients and also have a positive impact on society, contributing to the well-being of people.