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These are our lines of business. In them, you can find the most innovative solutions
And these are the fundamental pillars, the soul of Avinent
Customer Area
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Company profile

Mission, vision and values


Our mission involves promoting technological and scientific change in the medical and dental sector, helping our customers to discover and incorporate innovative solutions into their treatments.


To become the main technological partner for clinics, laboratories, and maxillofacial specialists, offering innovative products and services for dental and oral restoration.

Our values


Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support

We solve problems

Providing personalised technical support is our greatest asset. Every call is an opportunity to provide assurance and create loyalty.

The highest quality

The highest quality

The customer’s decision

Striving to achieve the highest quality involves everyone. The service and the product are a unit, but who benefits from the quality? The patient.

A culture of innovation

A culture of innovation

Adaptable and active

We are an active and dynamic company. We have an inherent desire to continually progress towards new solutions.

High performance

High performance

Today means today

We provide assurance when we are responsive, we create loyalty when we do a good job.



People for people

Everyone values the person that they approach.
Every intervention positions you, every solution gives you more credibility.



A circle of trust

Everything that we do directly impacts our customers. Professionalism derives in total commitment.

Workforce organisation

A highly qualified team

The Sales Department

Customer Service

Marketing and Communication

Product Development and Engineering

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Logistics and Shipments