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Customer Area
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Technology and Capacity


Avinent’s facilities are equipped to handle a large number of jobs and orders each day. Using highly advanced production technologies, such as 3D printing, positions Avinent as a leading light in the health technology sector in Europe. Additionally, Avinent’s system, methods, installations, and processes have been certified as high quality by the notified body, TÜV Rheinland, the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS), and the Catalonia Autonomous Government Department of Health in terms of a personalised product.

Floor space

Constant innovation and refurbishment

28.000 m2

Avinent constantly works to offer their customers the most advanced, responsible, and up-to-date solutions. To achieve this objective, the corporation currently has a new 8,000 m2 area in addition to the existing 20,000 m2. With these new headquarters, Avinent consolidates their position as the benchmark company in the medical sector, with installations provisioned with highly advanced technology, where 3D printing coexists alongside HSM milling, lathing, active development laboratories, scanning rooms, and ultimately, an entire supporting infrastructure to encourage the development of new product lines for the health sector.

Technological capacity

Constantly evolving


Automatic lathing center

Second operations center

Lathing center

Digitizing center

3D printing

Laboratory / With room

R&D + innovation

Investigation, development, and innovation

Avinent’s DNA contains innovation as a driver of growth and it is a non-negotiable core value that has created new business models and achieved results that have grown year-on-year. Their track record provides the evidence, bringing products and services to the medical sector for over 10 years, quickly positioning them as a leading company worldwide.

The corporation’s sustained growth is developed partly through having a Business Development and Innovation department that constantly creates new lines of investigation to offer high added value solutions to the market, providing new and advanced products for the medical sector.