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Our history

A road of success

Our history

Avinent’s history is based on innovation. A family-owned company that remains true to its origins, which set out on the road to success in 1958 with the creation of Vilardell Purtí and its precision machining operations.

A road of success

Our history



Avinent’s history is based on innovation. A family-owned company that remains true to its origins, which set out on the road to success in 1958 with the creation of Vilardell Purtí and its precision machining operations.

1958 - 1989

Induction into the precision machining sector

Avinent originated 60 years ago with the manufacturing of high precision and small gauge industrially machined parts for the automotive and aerospace industries, among others. This remained the company’s core activity for 32 years.

1990 - 2005

An innovation based story

Still involved in manufacturing precision metal parts for strategic sectors, the company became synonymous with excellence through their investment in R&D and innovation.


The Avinent Implant System is conceived

Avinent’s medical division was founded, focusing on the dental sector and specialising in dental implants. Avinent completes a scientific and innovation investigation process inspired by biochemical procedures in nature that promote osseointegration to create the revolutionary BIOMIMETIC ADVANCED SURFACE.
Presentation of the first dental implant system: Biomimetic CORAL, a new singular product in the market, given its aesthetics, reliability, and surface.


Guiding lights for CAD CAM solutions

The initiation of a new business line devoted to manufacturing personalised prostheses, Avinent CAD CAM. The corporation transfers their know how of implantology and biocompatible materials into solutions that can be used throughout the human body. New technology procurement and recruiting highly qualified personnel enables the company to take a very significant qualitative leap.
Launch to the international market. Avinent’s strategic alliances with highly specialized companies in key fields have enabled the company to gain a worldwide profile capable of providing a service on every continent.


Biomimetic OCEAN launches

The creation of the Biomimetic OCEAN system, Avinent’s second implant range. OCEAN conserves CORAL’s qualities and responds to new surgical and prosthodontic needs, introducing new concepts. External connection (EC) and internal connection (IC) launch to market.
3D printing technology is introduced and becomes a cornerstone of the dental sector, and subsequently, within Avinent’s structure.


Digital flow leadership

Avinent becomes a comprehensive digital flow provider. Planning software and digital tools involved with the different process phases become essential components that evolve the dental market and sector. The guided surgery system and service is also developed and launched. As such, Avinent becomes established as a player with know how in this sector.


A new medical line

The new Avinent CMF medical line launches. Experience in 3D printing and virtual planning enable Avinent to take strides towards developing a world-first medical service that can reproduce the required body parts using 3D printing with titanium, among others.


New products, more personalised solutions

The launch of the new conical connection (CC) from the Biomimetic OCEAN range and all its accessories.
The creation of the new Biomimetic PEARL mini implant, an exclusive two part product, conceived to add a quality, minimally invasive solution to the currently available options in the removable prosthesis range.


A new line of business in invisible orthodontics

Avinent Orthodontics was born from the desire to continue growing and incorporating new solutions in the new solutions in the oral and maxillofacial field.
With the most advanced technology, we solve the aesthetic and functional aesthetic and functional challenges for the new generations. Invisible aligners are the new revolution in the most advanced orthodontics.


The future is now

he overall paradigm shift in the medical sector, the new technological possibilities, and the new market services inspire Avinent to explore a new horizon, involving new investigation lines devoted to the 3D tissue printing and offering a new range of services.
A change in the business and social context that derives in the company taking the initiative and showing leadership in the sector, through alliances with strategic partners and an innovative spirit.
The Avinent corporation has become a business group with over 300 employees, showing a corporate culture with an ongoing spirit of innovation based on its core principles. Human resources that evolve with the company and tackle exciting challenges to achieve increasingly responsible patient-focused solutions.