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Severe maxillary atrophy through subperiosteal implants

Sign up for the 5th edition of the intensive one-day course where you will learn and put into practice the management of cases with maxillary atrophies.


From 07/06/2024 to 07/06/2024


Clínica Dental del Canto, Plaza de Ferrocarril, Las Rozas de Madrid, Espanya




Clínica Dental del Canto


Prof. M. del Canto

Course registration

Next June 7th, we offer a day of intensive training with four great professionals of the dental sector: Prof. M. del Canto, Dr. Bruno Ruiz, Dr. Alejandra del Canto and Dr. Mariano del Canto. 8 places maximum! Don’t miss yours!

Theoretical content:
• Severe maxillary atrophy. Where we come from and where we are today.
• Indications and contraindications of subperiosteal implants.
• Prosthetic aspects: planning, design and facial integration, materials of the interim prosthesis, and of the definitive prosthesis.
• Design and material of subperiosteal implants.
• Surgical aspects
• Characteristics of the surgical approach.
• Post-operative and complications.
• Analysis of results.

Practical content:
• Live design of the subperiosteal mesh with a biomedical engineer.
• Viewing of the surgical procedure on video.
• Surgical act of subperiosteal implants in a real case in a specific simulation model.
• Handling of the surgical box for subperiosteal implants.
• Sequence of fixation of the prototyped mesh designed for the real case of the simulation model.
* Each student will have 2 models and a mesh of a real case.