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Dr. Ivan Mauricio tells us about his experience with Recode Aligners, the success of his treatments and the satisfaction of his patients.

Dr. Iván Mauricio Rodríguez Gordillo

Dentist, rehabilitator, surgeon, aesthetic specialist and dental technician. Currently, CEO and Doctor of Montblanc Dental Arts and Montblanc Esthetic Clinic.

Based on his extensive experience in orthodontics with aligners, Dr. Iván Mauricio gives us his opinion on the results of this type of treatment and how it improves the quality of life and esthetics of his patients.

Dr. Ivan Mauricio recommends the treatment with invisible aligners versus conventional brackets in case of correction of mild to moderate bad occlusions and alignment problems in patients committed to follow the treatment, since the aligners must be worn the indicated hours for the result to be as planned.

In these cases I like to recommend aligner treatment when we find crowding or tipping, with very predictable movements, with dental deviation, severe crossbites, and especially in intrusions or arch expansion.

Dr. Mauricio also adds

According to the doctor, the first step in initiating any treatment is to perform a thorough initial evaluation, including a complete clinical examination in which general oral health, airway status, tooth position, gum condition, caries, hygiene and salivation rate can be assessed.

Secondly, it is necessary to record images and dental models such as radiographs, photographs and digital scans to create a treatment plan. And finally, after the detailed study performed by the clinic's multidisciplinary team, it is important to communicate to the patient in detail the possible treatment options, indicating the benefits and limitations in each case.

Once treatment has begun, the Doctor always recommends at each splint control, flossing, confirming the necessary space with gauges, but also an interproximal strip through the teeth to release retentions and ensure the success of the treatment in each phase.

Dr. Ivan Mauricio has been working with Avinent Orthodontics since its inception, and since then, he has been performing invisible aligner cases with Recode Aligners.

Recode's support is spectacular, you are in contact at all times with trained and qualified staff, it is the other side of the coin, as they can guide you, advise you, or give you more options with the aligners to get the most out of each treatment.

He also emphasizes that the material of the Avinent Orthodontics aligners is of high quality, and he has never had any problems with wear or breakage of the splints, even in cases where the aligners have been worn for a maximum of 15 days. In addition, he states that the color is completely transparent and maintains its properties for up to 10 days, and that from then on it starts to have very little staining compared to other systems.

Dr. Ivan Mauricio, happy with the good results of his treatments, shares with us the experience of one of his cases.

The patient came to our clinic after having completed orthodontic treatment in another country and not being satisfied with the result. On analyzing the case, it turned out that she had an open bite in the second quadrant, malposition of the premolars and rotation of the molars. The patient required a perfect smile before her 15th birthday. After 8 months, thanks to the work of the clinical team and the agility of Recode, the patient achieved her goal, the desired smile two weeks before her birthday.

It is also very important to have a maintenance protocol after having achieved the goal of treatment with aligners. The doctor advises to use removable retainers for the next 6 months and 24 hours a day. And then to make an upper and lower Hawley plate, as well as upper and lower retention splints, which should be combined with each other, alternating them day and night.

In addition, the doctor recommends this maintenance treatment with Hawley plates every night for a minimum of three years, always taking into account that the patient should visit the clinic for check-ups every 3 months and the final evolution.

n short, the personalized attention, the closeness in planning the design and the speed of delivery of the aligners are the elements that Dr. Iván Mauricio highlights the most when he talks about the experience with Recode Aligners from Avinent Orthodontics. He emphasizes that, with thorough planning and execution, the refinements are from another era.

We would like to thank the doctor for his time and dedication in conducting this interview, and for his confidence in our solutions to carry out the day-to-day work in his clinic.