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New design software and initial aligner available in our Recode Aligners cases

We provide you with a professional tutorial where we explain the new design features available to successfully carry out your invisible orthodontic cases.

At Avinent Orthodontics, we continue to invest in technology and innovation to offer an advanced experience to orthodontists and to improve results for patients.

This time, we have invested in new design software from Softsmile, Pro RECODE®, which allows the CAD designer technician to have new tools for greater control in cases. Such as the famous Virtual Jump that facilitates mandibular position in skeletal class changes, or other tools with artificial intelligence that allow for correct space distribution.

This change has been made to meet the demand of our customers, which was primarily to have 3D control tools to be able to modify the design of cases at any time.

Additionally, this software is integrated into our Recode Aligners Professional Portal, which allows orthodontists to visualize designs in detail and make modifications if necessary.

To review designs, simply open a pop-up window with a 3D visualization of the presented design on the pro.recodealigners.com Portal, facilitating its handling and providing all the necessary details for approval. Additionally, in the same window, notes can be made if changes are requested or if modifications are applied to the design. For example, moving teeth from their final position to further correct movements, reviewing movement sequences, or even deciding on attachments and pontics for elastics.

In the following tutorial for professionals, you can see how this integration has been done to our Portal and the main tools available if you want to make modifications to the presented design:

Tutorial for the new Pro RECODE® design software

Actions for professionals when applying modifications to the design

For the professional who wants to modify the design of a case, after installing the Pro RECODE® software on a Windows computer, the clinician can open the design and apply, if desired, the following 3D control tools:

  • Taking measurements at any point on the 3D model at all times.
  • Reviewing Bolton analysis to contrast dental size.
  • Reviewing occlusal contacts of the patient’s bite.
  • Overlaying the initial registration onto the treatment.
  • Displaying a grid for guidance.
  • Making changes at the skeletal level (virtual jump).
  • Placing the guide for button trimming.
  • And soon, you will be able to edit the CBCT.

This advancement not only benefits orthodontic professionals but also leads to better results for patients, thanks to the precision and detail in each of the movements during treatment

According to Laura Palacios, Orthodontics Manager at Avinent Group.

We also launch a new initial aligner to start Recode Aligners cases!

Now, placing attachments will be much easier and without breakages, as this new initial aligner is made with a much softer material, which facilitates work in the consultation. Its wide elasticity allows it to fit perfectly to the patient’s dentition, reducing extraction time once the attachments are placed.

If you want to learn more about the innovations of Recode Aligners, access the Professional Portal and discover everything we’ve just told you.

Starting the change with invisible orthodontics Recode Aligners and revolutionizing the experience of your patients has never been easier.

Write to us if you have any questions or if you want us to help you.

Our team is available to provide you with the training and advice necessary to successfully carry out your invisible orthodontic cases.