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Send your cases to our Milling Center in a few minutes

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At Avinent CAD CAM, we have launched a new Custom Order Portal to send your jobs in record time.
Discover all the features of the New Portal and the steps to work with our milling center!

In an increasingly digitalized world, customer experience is essential to provide ease and convenience in work management.

At Avinent, we seek ways to innovate and improve service to meet our customers’ needs more effectively. On this occasion, we have created a Custom Orders Portal for Avinent CAD CAM, so that prosthetic laboratories can manage all milling center jobs in one place.

This new portal represents an exciting milestone in our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers.
From its conception, we have worked to develop an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that not only simplifies order placement but also offers a range of enhanced features aimed at making the case creation experience smoother and more satisfying. Below, we detail the steps to start using our platform.

Steps to send your first case in the Avinent CAD CAM Portal

Register and access the Portal

If you are already an Avinent customer and are responsible for billing data, you simply need to register with your customer code on the new Portal. You can do this by clicking here.

If you are not responsible for this billing data and are an employee, you do not need to register because the billing account holder needs to grant you access to work on their team.

If, on the other hand, you do not yet have a customer account with us, complete all registration fields and join the Avinent CAD CAM experience.

Set up your profile and manage your team

Within the Portal, at the top right, you will find the profile icon. By clicking, you can access your profile to define the following fields:

  • The person and contact phone number you want to appear by default when generating your cases.
  • Customize your profile picture.
  • Enable or disable email notifications when the status of your cases is updated.
  • Define a new password if needed.
  • And finally, be able to invite users to your team.

By inviting users to your work team, you allow these users to create cases in our Portal with the billing data from your profile. To invite your work team, you only need to provide the person’s name and email. Once the invitation is sent, this person will receive an email with instructions to accept the invitation and access the Avinent CAD CAM Professional Portal.

Start creating your cases!

To start creating your cases, access the section that defaults to My cases, where you will see two drop-downs, one by default with your customer ID, and another to select the user.

If you are responsible for the team, you can view all the users on your work team and choose which user you want to create each case with.

Once the user is selected, click the Create new case button to upload all the information for your order. Within the new case, you will see on the left the general patient information and the contact and shipping details, which you must complete. Next, start creating the jobs you need for this case, indicating whether it belongs to a Production case or a Production plus design case.

Whether it’s a job with or without design, when creating it, you must first select the product type or material type of your solution. In this case, we offer the convenience that when you select one or the other, by default, the program already reduces the other selector to only the options available for this type of product or material.

The following steps to complete the job are the ones necessary to produce your solution, for example, if you need to upload STL files, if you need to indicate the position of implants and components, or if you will need additional treatment services, among other features.

Finally, in all jobs, we also provide a free text field in case you want to specify anything to consider in its completion.

Remember to close the job, and create, if necessary, more jobs within the same case. You always have the functions to edit, delete, or duplicate a job! Finally, save the changes as a draft, or send it so that our team can start working on your case.

Access information for all your cases

At any time, in the overview of My cases, you can see all the cases you have saved as drafts or sent to keep track of their status.

In addition, we have included different options to filter the information in each of the columns, in order to find the case you are looking for much more easily and quickly.

Depending on the status of each case, you have available certain actions. One that will facilitate your work the most is the option to download the case information. If you click on the download icon, a folder will be generated containing the warranty, delivery note, and order for the case.

Now you know everything! All that’s left is for you to get started and begin managing your custom cases in our milling center.

Still have doubts about the steps to follow? Or would you prefer to see the steps on screen?

Watch the following tutorial and learn all the details of the Avinent CAD CAM Portal

If you still have doubts, contact your sales representative or call +34 93 827 34 65 to get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

Now, enjoy the new experience!