Althaia, FUB – UManresa and Avinent create an ecosystem for innovation and technology at the service of personalised medicine

The Althaia Foundation, the Bages University Foundation [FUB] – UManresa and Avinent have joined forces to create MAP +, the hub for innovation and technology at the service of medicine and personalised care.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Althaia Foundation, UManresa and Avinent have joined forces to create MAP +, the hub for innovation and technology at the service of medicine and personalised care. The experience of these three organisations has been the driving force behind generating an ecosystem for innovation technology where companies, universities, administrations and social organisations in the region can come together with the aim of developing and validating new technologies that can be used to introduce improvements in the medicine and in the personalised care received by patients.

MAP + aims to boost technological knowledge and promote the transfer of the new technologies to the health and social sectors. In particular, the aim is to promote the application of new technologies that may guarantee better safety for patients, such as reducing the exposure times to anaesthesia, reducing infections, pain and postoperative complications.

It is also hoped to improve the care and well-being of users with a better and greater coverage of their needs. For example, through the new uses that can be given to 3D technology or virtual and augmented reality so that they become a more precise diagnostic tool, these help to determine a better treatment and a more personalised recovery. Technologies, such as 3D printing, also make it possible to personalise prostheses, templates or crutches and adapt them to the needs of each user.

A leading Hub

MAP + is a project deeply rooted in the Bages that wants to become a leading hub in the health and social technology sector. In fact, the initiative, besides improving patient care, also aims to drive entrepreneurship, increasing the competitiveness of the companies in the area, generating qualified jobs, retaining talent and boosting teaching and research linked to new technologies.

To do so, the project, which has the support of the Manresa Council, the Bages County Council and the Manresa Chamber of Commerce, seeks the partnership of different agents in the area in order to introduce improvements into medicine and the personalised care in the county which could translate into benefits for society.

The main lines of work of MAP + are tech experience, to develop, test and validate the technology; collaboration with medical technology companies: education, teaching and training; innovation, research, attracting and retaining talent; and collaboration with health, social and dependent care centres to adapt the applicability of the technology and establish plans in relation to what is most appropriate in each case.

Technological experiences

Althaia, FUB and Avinent work in a coordinated manner with the collaboration of other companies and institutions to validate different technologies, ensure that they are implemented in a safe and appropriate manner and also, to discover new uses for technologies that were not initially created for the health and social care sectors.

At present, work is being carried out on projects associated with 3D technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and immersive experiences. MAP + gives visibility to some of these technological experiences through the Tech experience, given that one of the aims is to give visibility to the developed technology and demonstrate it uses through sensorial experiences so that attendees may better understand their functioning, applicability and benefits.

This space is aimed at students, professionals, business owners, organisations, administrations, etc., so they can see and understand the different initiatives and projects in operation, as well as propose new ones that can be explored together.


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