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Reshaping Dentistry

Presenting a new Avinent

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Change is inevitable. We have barely fully integrated the digital processes and we are already talking about Dentistry 4.0. Right now, immersed in a situation that nobody could have possibly imagined, we find ourselves in a situation totally different to that of only a year ago, and without wasting any time, what can we do in such a circumstance? Be prepared.

At all dental clinics, prosthetics laboratories, hospital centres and private clinics, we have seen how the technological revolution has arrived, sometimes with more, sometimes with less intensity, quick changes that professionals ask of us to improve their treatments. We love these challenges, we were born in the middle of a financial crisis prepared to work alongside professionals in order to move the sector forward, and that is what we did.

More than 15 years on, once again in the midst of a severe financial and social crisis, we are proud to have known you, the thousands of dentists with names and surnames, the thousands of professionals, prosthetics artists who do what it takes to offer a perfect product, the thousands of maxillofacial professionals whose skills and knowledge give many of us hope.

We feel comfortable with constant change, being in a state of perpetual transformation; we feel comfortable because we were born out of the conviction to keep going, whatever the situation, exploring new paths in order to make the dental sector evolve. And this is why our philosophy, now more than ever, is to redefine, rethink and change everything that came before in dentistry. And this is because you have made us specialists in the oral field and we have seen that you need a company like ours by your side, constantly seeking new opportunities.

The oral sector is our playing field, and innovation our weakness. We are not afraid to make mistakes, as it is the result of a constant experience of innovating and we know that these mistakes eventually lead to success. We have come to adapt dentistry to today’s professional needs and to provide whatever service and products are necessary to improve your patients’ experience. Because we owe them everything.

It is absolutely essential to study the changes in our patient, study new monitoring methods and have closer communication; a complete experience which allows them to look after themselves comfortably and using the technology that we have available today with total safety.

We have the necessary tools, we are specialists in digital systems, we have cutting edge technology at a global level, the most demanding regulations unlike others in our country, the necessary capacity to fulfil your demands, a team ready to respond, partners of the highest level, and even with all that, we can be sure that we will be continuing to improve day after day, year after year.

With this willpower and clear conviction we know that with you we will make today’s dentistry a motor to change society. We are not afraid to say it, because we have the people and the talent to do it: we have been preparing ourselves for a long time to achieve this progressively. Because we have a lot to show you and we are extremely eager to do it. With time we will see each other again.

We have come to listen to you in order to go further and beyond, because this spirit of discovery is in our origins, it has no boundaries and we are prepared for any challenge.

The first step is to present ourselves again, because to face new challenges we need to evolve, because we have had to become stronger to be able to help you. We’ve even changed the colour, shape, images and our organisation; now the first step is to get to know our new identity.

Let’s build a new kind of dentistry.

Do you want to join the adventure?

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