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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

It’s been 47 days. We are in a situation that nobody could foresee, and nobody expected. We have been working together with hospitals, technology centers and universities, to offer our technology and our knowledge and combat this problem as efficiently as possible. And that has helped us strengthen our position as partners that we want to be. Now even more, we will be insistent on asking and accompanying you in this great challenge that awaits us. 

Sharing Knowledge 

We have been and will be an open company. We firmly believe in the possibilities that a proactive community could give to help activate those transmission levers that help advance our profession/sector. This could not stop, now more than ever, we must collect our knowledge and make our resources available to continue being active.  

To be more accessible, we have organized our most relevant documentation in our website, we have created a section within Smart Training called Digital Resources so that you can consult our information from the same website. You will find catalogswebinarsvideos and technical documentation. We will gradually add more relevant information. Please, feel free to ask us whatever you need so we could analyze your request and update the section with new resources. 

Finally, we have closed a web ecosystem where you can find a lot of information about digital dentistry, our quality assurance rigor and our passion to moving forward: 

  • Take a look at our blog to see the latest clinical cases between more than 100 articles. Do not forget to filter according to your interest in the division, the content category or the author of the article.
  • If you want to continue browsing our website, you can also find in the Scientific Research section some of our latest indexed publications. Surely, you will find some interesting details. 

Sharing Concerns 

During these days we also have been thinking about how we could help our clients face the future with calm and patience. It is important to be aware that everything that has happened is going to change many of the aspects of our daily life, it is not new, but it should be noted that in a changing environment we continue to believe in the adaptability of the entire sector. Therefore, we must rethink together with our customers certain aspects of our service. We are very clear about the degree of cleanliness, sterilization and rigor that we must follow in our production processes, but how can we help you in practice, laboratory and surgery to a greater extent? How can we help you in the communication tasks with your patient? And between clinical and prosthetic technician? Traceability is vital, and the more controlled we have all the processes and products that come from our center, the more we can facilitate your work. 

So, we make all our support available to start building a new future because what we do know is that we will meet again. And of that, we assure you, we are willing to.