Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Avinent Science and Technology affirms its commitment to the SDGs and does so during an initial phase by focusing on 7 of the 17 sustainable development goals for 2030. These goals have been selected by firstly taking into account the stakeholders and dedicating ourselves to fulfilling their needs and expectations and secondly, the values that we hold as an organisation.

For our organisation, it is vitally important for the work that we carry out for our customers and collaborators is constant in order to create a responsible network within the oral sector and highlight the actors that work with a clear and specific purpose beyond that of the business. We are convinced that Avinent’s aim to become a more responsible company positively affects the entire sector. Thanks to this effort, we will build a new dental sector that will act as a driving force for change in society.

During this initial phase, we classify the SDGs that we will be focusing on into three areas: Social, Environmental and Transversal

Social area

In the first area, Social, we will focus on SDG 3 “Good health and well-being” and SDG 5 “Gender equality”.

In this case, we have adapted the challenges and indicators proposed by the United Nations to propose a series of goals that are appropriate for our organisation.

For goal 3, “Good health and well-being”, we are aware that people form the heart of organisations and for this reason we are committed to both the personnel and their families, and undertake to continue implementing the healthy company project “Avinent Health” with new actions and specific proposals.

For goal 5, “Gender equality”, we have updated the Equality Plan which has been in force since 2017, thus reaffirming our commitment to equality among the organisation’s personnel. The aim is to analyse the fulfilment of this plan with the Equality Committee, already created during the period prior to this communication.

Enviromental area

In the second area, Environmental, we will focus on goal 13 “Climate action” and goal 12 “Responsible consumption and production”. In this area, we must become aware of how our way of life affects the environment at both an individual and collective level. As an organisation we are obliged to carry out actions that help look after and improve our environment.

With regard to goal 13, the Avinent Group is working to replace the fluorocarbon gases used in air-conditioning systems for others, which have an impact on the greenhouse effect that is five times lower. We are reviewing our energy sources so that as of now, we will work with companies that are 100% environmentally friendly.

For goal 12, we have been working for some years on replacing machinery, following environmental criteria to improve their efficiency. We have also have been changing chemical substances for others that are more beneficial for people and the environment. Additionally, our organisation is constantly seeking new substances which are increasingly better for our production process.

Transversal area

The transversal area includes goal 16 “Peace, justice and strong institutions”, goal 9, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” and goal 17, “Partnerships to achieve the goals”. This section contains different aspects of each goal.

In goal 16, “Peace, justice and strong institutions”, through the internal procedures for harassment and the compliance system that we have implemented, we are capable of fulfilling some of the challenges posed by this goal. Through the compliance system are able to determine that we are a transparent and efficient organisation because we have control mechanisms to address any possible risks that may arise within the work group.

For goal 9, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, we are expanding our facilities and we want to modernise the existing structures so that they are more sustainable and efficient. We will continue promoting innovation through the organisation’s R&D and the partnerships that we have with other external centres.

As part of goal 17, “Partnerships to achieve the goals”, we constantly participate in increasing the exchange of knowledge with regard to science, technology and innovation, always seeking continual improvement that allows us to develop ecologically rational technologies.

By undertaking these goals we are coherent in fulfilling the needs and expectations of our workers, partners and customers, and we are capable of looking after our planet without renouncing sustainable growth.

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